How It Works
How It Works

How It Works

How It Works

Many stores in the USA offer free or reduced shipping on the items they sell, however this is usually only available if the item is being shipped to an address within the USA.

Our service allows you to take advantage of these savings if you live internationally.

How our system works is simple.

Step 1: Signup

The first step is to fill out our simple registration form. We ask the basic Name, Address, Email and phone number so that we know where to forward your packages when they arrive.

You have 2 options when it comes to choosing the type of account that best suits your needs:

Standard Account: This a Free account that requires no signup fee or monthly payments. You are only charged for shipping and related services for items we process for you. If you only make a few orders per year then this would be the best option for you.

Member Club Account: Our member club account costs $40 per month and is geared toward heavy shoppers and small business. Members enjoy many benefits including: reduced shipping costs, free repacking, no volume costs (to certain destinations), and other service discounts.

Step 2: Note Your US Address

After your account is created you can now login to your account dashboard which is where you control your packages. The first thing you should note is your US address. This is the address that you will use when placing orders. The Format looks like this:

FirstName LastName
10831 NW 122nd Street.
Medley,FL 33178
Tel Number: 1-786-693-9049

Step 3: Start Shopping

Once you have your address you can begin shopping! While you wait on your orders to arrive you can verify your account by uploading your ID ad proof of address as we sometimes require these before shipping.

Some sites do not allow international credit cards so if you would like we can place orders for you. Simply send us links to the items you would like to purchase and we will send you a quote within 24 hours.

Step 4: Ship Your Orders

As your items start to arrive you can start thinking about how you would like to ship them. We offer many options so that you can choose the best way that suits your needs. Here are our current shipping options:

Amerijet: Amerijet offers air cargo service to the Caribbean, Central and South America. Our partnership with Amerijet allows us to offer you very competitive rates and their service is excellent.

This service will usually have the lowest cost however, they do not offer door to door service for many destinations. You will need to arrange customs clearance and pick up your items from the local agent in your country.

Fedex: We have partnered with Fedex to offer outstanding rates to the destinations we ship to frequently. For members, rates can be as much as 70% below the general rates Fedex provides!

Fedex offers a door to door service so you can literally have something shipped from our warehouse to your door overnight. Fedex will handle all customs clearance and you pay local charges when your item is delivered.

USPS: We offer USPS for low value light weight items because it is an inexpensive door to door service that utilizes the postal service for delivery. Why we suggest that this only be used for low value shipments is because many times items can get lost with this service. However, sometimes it is worth the risk because of the savings that can be achieved with this service.

All USPS shipments must be insured.

Step 5: Tell your friends how much you saved!

After you use our service, we would love for you to share the value with your friends and family. The more members we have, the more we can continue to improve our system and negotiate better rates for you!