About Us
About Us

About Us


The reason behind the creation of ShopGt.com is to provide a faster, easier and less expensive way for international shoppers to process the shipping of their orders. As international shoppers ourselves we know the pain and frustration involved in the shipping of items overseas and our goal is to eliminate that.

Our Mission?

To make shopping online for international customers easy and affordable.

What we believe?

Shopping online should fun.  

  • Not only are items less expensive but the choice is infinite.

Shopping online should be inexpensive.

  • What makes it expensive for international customers is shipping, so naturally we are looking for low cost shipping solutions.

Shopping online should be EASY.

  • This is our greates area of focus because of all the rules and regulations involved in international transport. However, we are constantly working on new technology to both comply with regulations and make it simple for our customers.