Using Amazon Prime to Save Hundreds of Dollars in Shipping
We all know that you can find anything being sold at Amazon, including the kitchen sink. In recent years, Amazon branched out into selling e-readers through its highly popular Kindle, and with the arrival of the Kindle Fire tablet line, the company has strengthened its hold on consumers’ loyalty, not to mention their wallets. With this scenario, it is not totally unexpected that Amazon will come up with Amazon Prime.  For $79 a year, you can join the memb   Read More....
Posted Date: 2014-09-07
Labor Day Weekend Sales!
Order anything online This Weekend and receive a $5 Credit in your account! After you sign up, shop at ANY online store and send us the order confirmation number. We will then issue your account with a $5 credit that you can use toward shipping, or other services! That’s it!   Read More....
Posted Date: 2014-08-29
The Difference Between Volumetric Weight and Actual Weight
When your shipment is picked up or received by a forwarder for shipping, both the package’s actual weight and volumetric weight are calculated. The higher of the two figures will be used in computing the shipping cost for the particular package. This is the standard being followed by all airlines and freight forwarders.   Read More....
Posted Date: 2014-02-20
What We Offer
Our service offers you the ability to shop online and have your items shipped to your address in the USA. We then receive, inspect and if you like repack your packages so that you can save on international shipping to your destination.   Read More....
Posted Date: 2013-12-06