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E-commerce Beginners Guide On Shipping

Ecommerce, Online, Shopping, Marketing, TechnologyThere exists a tight competition among e-commerce sites – and shipping speed plus costs would give you that leverage against competition. The reality is beaming – customers are looking for results. It’s all about the fulfillment and shipping process. 

Businesses need to streamline services to meet these demands or expectations because if you can’t keep up or show p – some other company will.

Overcoming the Growing Pains of an E-commerce Startup

Customers are also now used to enjoying free shipping of orders online and short turnaround times for delivery. This has set the bar higher for everyone in the industry. While this may be easy to fulfill for the giant names in the industry, it can be very tasking for e-commerce beginners.

However, once small businesses or startups are able to deliver according to expectations and create an astounding customer experience then that is sure to convert shoppers into loyal and repeat customers. It may sound daunting but it can be done.

A lot of startups or e-commerce beginners have had a tough start. It’s all about refining your shipping processes and finding the right partners to make your business customer-friendly. With the ever-growing number of online retailers, the competition has been very stringent.

Businesses today are all about making customers happy and foregoing conventional commerce could be the fastest way to do it – or perhaps a combination would speed up the process.

With traditional commerce or business, it’s all about you advertising your business. With e-commerce, it becomes two-way. You do not just advertise but engage and communicate directly with your customers online.

Creating a strong online branding or presence optimizes your success blueprint. It makes your business resonate well with its audience and thus, creating a human face to a brand. Having an online presence isn’t just an option nowadays, it’s a must to expand to a wider audience.

Determine the Best Shipping Option for Your Business

Online shipping isn’t just about delivering or moving products. This is a crucial part of the sales process to allows a brand to create a unique and phenomenal customer experience. There are different shipping options offered by many e-commerce platforms and there is one or a few that would fit your business.

Free Shipping

This so far is what would attract more customers for your business. Well, who wouldn’t want a freebie or free shipping at that? People are natural hoarders of free stuff so you might want to implement this if you would be incurring low shipping costs at your end. Also, if your competition offers free shipping then it would be best to follow that trend as well.

Flat Rate or Fixed Shipping Costs

If you don’t want to complicate the shipping calculations and processes, then having a streamlined or flat rate for shipping for all your products would be your best bet.

Actual Shipping Costs

Customers will be charged according to the real costs of the shipping of a particular product or depending on the item’s weight, size, and point of destination or country. It can be time-consuming and also could be overwhelming for customers but it provides your business protection, transparency, and accurate pricing for your product shipping.

Same-Day Delivery

This would really take up much planning and also dealing with the right carrier that can make same-day deliveries possible. This poses a huge selling point especially for local customers because committing to same-day deliveries will help attract customers who want products delivered fast especially during special celebrations and holidays.

Whatever options you choose to incorporate to your business, you would need to partner up with the best local and international carriers that can deliver promised results for your customers.

Packaging Creates Valuable Touchpoints

In order to wow your customers or create a lasting impression, your packaging must speak volumes of your business in terms of a personalized or modern packaging that reflects your brand. Your product’s packaging can either strengthen or weaken your branding online – so make it count.

 You may not have that much contact with your customers online but you can create valuable touchpoints through your packaging and labeling. A lot of customers now would post pictures of nicely packaged items through social media and this would provide great advertising for your business.

Provide Exciting Inserts in Orders You Ship

It would be exciting to check inserts into orders. This would be that surprise factor that actually makes your customers feel special or important to your business. You can provide inserts in packages in the form of:

  • “Thank You” cards

  • Freebies or free product samples

  • Discount vouchers or other promotional offers

  • Gifts in the form of products from suppliers

Consider Unique Packaging for Your Brand

Pay attention to the little details because this is what creates a lasting impact with your customers. When packing and labeling products, it would be great to use organic, inexpensive, and out-of-the-box packaging materials that would give you that visual edge against the competition.

Being intuitive and experimental with your packaging speaks volumes of a brand’s desire to not just impress but connect on a personal level with their customers. Go for wholesale orders to get the best rates possible in your packaging materials. Labeling would be quick and streamlined by using e-commerce platforms that can ship addresses and other shipping details straight from the checkout page.

Work With A Reputable Fulfillment Warehouse of Freight Forwarder

You get that advantage of cheaper and quicker fulfillment of orders with a fulfillment warehouse doing the legwork for you. First off, you would need to integrate the fulfillment warehouse to your system with the shopping cart.

Orders will then be automatically processed and picked up the soonest it’s generated in the system. The fulfillment warehouse will also be responsible for packing and shipping orders which spells convenience and speed in terms of shipping procedures.

For small businesses or e-commerce beginners, every sale counts. While the market is extremely saturated with many online retailers and businesses competing for attention and marketability – your attention to the above details would make your brand stand out.

You can win more loyal customers if you focus your attention on providing cost-effective, convenient, and fast shipping of orders. At the end of the day, making your customers happy is your bottom line.





Posted Date: 2020-04-24


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