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The Perks Of Shopping Online – How To Get More For Less!

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Shopping online is an enticing opportunity for those who want to bag more items at discounted prices. Having to shop right from home or while leisurely having a coffee break is ideally how shopping should be. Using your laptop or mobile phone from virtually anywhere at any time makes online shopping a painless and convenient way to grab the latest designer shoes on sale or the newest smart home device.  

Why Shopping Online is Cheaper than Shopping In-Store?

The overhead costs of running a physical store are greater compared to an online store. While the value of items could be the same, retailers of brick-and-mortar stores charge more because they are charged for space rental, electricity, supplies, fixtures, payroll, and more which should add up to the total costs and gross margin of running a business.

In that light, it’s obvious how online retailers are able to offer products at a better price because they are able to save more and cut on costs than with a business having a physical location.

Timing is Everything!

The best way to grab on the best deals is to know the best day to shop. Yes, shopping on the right will get you the best discounts. While Mondays and Saturdays seem to be the trend in getting the deepest discounts, it’s actually on Tuesdays that you get the newest items on stock and the best prices too.

Next to that would be Thursday and Friday. Shopping in the morning is also recommended to grab the flash sales. You also get more options in terms of sizes and colors when you shop earlier than doing it at night. Also, the best way to get into those big clearance sales is to take note of the dates as the new items should be in around four to six weeks before a clearance sale is announced.

January and May are the best months to score on huge discounts when you shop online.

Try the “Abandoned Cart Strategy”

Grab items that you like, stuff it all in your cart and then leave it there for a while. This is called the “Abandoned Cart Strategy” and e-commerce stores have a strategy in place to ensure that you get to the checkout in no time.  

Check on your SMS and email notifications for emails on discounts or reminders that give you offers on your abandoned carts. Of course, online retailers would want to convert these abandoned carts which work to your advantage too. You can also be offered free shipping which is a great plus factor as well.

Sign Up as VIP

If you happen to shop frequently at a particular online store then it would be best to register as a VIP for their rewards program. This is how you get to the best deals right away. The registration is mostly free for e-commerce stores which will unlock discount codes and get you to save more on your shopping spree.

Awareness of the Dynamic Pricing Hook

There is a dynamic pricing strategy in place that online shops would often use to offer their customers different prices based on their user or browsing behavior, location, spending patterns, demand, and other price or market factors.

Websites are no able to track your browsing behavior. Data generated from this would provide you a price depending on your own spending habits online. So, this means, you can be charged more for an item that is priced differently for other buyers.

The best way to prevent this is to delete browser cookies and then log out of your user accounts on Facebook, emails, et cetera. You can also try to be the incognito mode or do private browsing so that cookies won’t be saved whenever you search or shop for items online.

Follow Online Shops or Retailers on Social Media

Your favorite online retailer would have social media presence everywhere on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter which you can follow to grab on to their exclusive sales or coupons earlier than others.

A lot of online retailers increase engagement using their social media channels. This is a great tool for you to use so you will have more information about the brand and products while also getting sneak previews on product launches and special promo offers like discount coupons, free shipping, and a lot more!

Get Into Their Email List

A lot of online retailers reward their social followers or email subscribers with coupons. Getting into your favorite shop’s email list is one of the best ways to stack on savings when you purchase. Also, a lot of online stores now offer spot discounts just by joining their mailing list.

You can also get into the email lists of as many stores as you can to compare prices and get the best deals right away!

Why Shopping Online isn’t Just a Vogue?

Shopping online has tons of advantages apart from the price tag. This is a great platform for finding products is a very organized, easy, and accessible manner. You also get more control of your shopping budget and have wide options to choose from than when you shop in a physical store. There are no limits to the goodies you can find online.

Also, with online shops or retailers, you get automatic or fast responses to your queries with friendly and competent customer and sales representatives online. There are even live sales representatives that can address your questions right away.

While shopping online has been a norm for today’s modern shoppers, there are rules and tips to follow that will surely allow you to get more for less. Shopping using the above savers' tips will prompt you to shop for items online without the guilt.

Posted Date: 2020-04-30


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