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The Best Labor Day Deals for 2019

Every Labor Day brings big sales and deep discounts to the table on everything from consumer electronics to appliances, cars, mattresses, and everything in between – but this Labor Day is a little different.

Labor Day 2019 is already shaping up to be one of the busiest shopping days of the year, with maybe more deals and discounts available this year than ever before. For this reason we’ve put together a little bit of inside information and top level recon so that you can get your hands on the hottest deals this upcoming Labor Day without having to do a bunch of digging on your own.

Let’s jump right in!


Amazon Goes Bananas

Every year around Labor Day Amazon gets pretty involved in deals and discounts as it is, but the word on the street is that they are going to go even crazier this year than they did before.

Labor Day sales were traditionally the landscape of brick and mortar retail operations. But Amazon has been cutting into traditional retail businesses for years, and this year they are going all out.

Expect to see a lot of the favorite deals from Amazon Prime Day over the summer to resurface. Technology sales are going to be pretty significant this Labor Day, to, with a lot of the Amazon branded devices (Kindles, tablets, Fire TVs and Fire Sticks, Alexa devices etc. poised to offer some of the deepest discounts you’ll find anywhere.


Walmart and Target Slug It Out

The two biggest traditional retailers in the US are already revving up their Labor Day advertising, and you don’t want to miss out on the deals and discounts they offer here, either.

Furniture, appliances, and computers available with steep savings are some of the items you want to keep your eyes peeled for during Labor Day 2019 at Walmart and Target.

This is one of the best times of the year to get your hands on a new computer for sure – even better than Black Friday. Labor Day sales are right around the back-to-school season, with new computers unveiled and outgoing models even more deeply discounted than they were throughout the year.


Great Time to Buy a New Car

Every September all automotive dealerships get the next model year delivered and that means that they have to clear house when it comes to last season’s brand-new cars.

It’s not at all uncommon to see deep discounts worth thousands of dollars in savings during Labor Day sales, though you’ll usually have to move pretty quick. People have caught on to the fact that last year’s models of brand-new cars are going to be significantly discounted during this September seasonal sale and there’s usually quite a bit of competition for the best buys.


Thinking About Upgrading Your Mattress?

Nobody really knows exactly why mattresses are so deeply discounted during Labor Day, but the truth of the matter is this has become a seasonal sales event that everyone should have marked on their calendar when looking to upgrade their quality of sleep each night.

Whether you’re shopping online or off, you can usually find some pretty incredible discounts (especially if you combine stackable coupon codes) on mattresses that can get you savings of up to 75% or more off traditional retail prices. is known for having fire sales on mattresses during Labor Day and this year should be no different.


What Not to Buy This Labor Day

Even though you’ll find some pretty amazing sales on pretty much anything and everything during Labor Day weekend, the truth of the matter is there are some things you won’t want to pull the trigger on purchasing during this stretch of time if you don’t have to.

Fall clothing is going to be very expensive during September sales events (with summer clothes heavily discounted). If you can hold off until December or January you can save upwards of 80% off or more outgoing seasonal merchandise.

Toys and video games usually aren’t going to be all that discounted during Labor Day, either. The big sales for these hot ticket items usually kick off in late November and early December, so try and save your money for purchases around then if you can.

Posted Date: 2019-08-27


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