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Small Business Shipping Tips and Tricks - How Pros Do It!

Online Shopping, Shopping, Online, Shop, LaptopAs a small business, you need not think small. You can keep your profit high with a bit of intuitiveness and creativity in shipping strategies. It’s important to keep shipping costs at a bare minimum especially if you are just starting out in digital entrepreneurship. You really can’t afford unnecessary expenses at this point.

Now, varied factors dictate shipping rates. So, as a small business owner, you would need to map out your shipping frameworks and be prepared to make adjustments or troubleshoot as you move along. 

The key to making shipping right is to choose the best shipping company or solution that would work for your business. Not every shipping carrier is cut out for your business so you would really need to compare notes in terms of pricing, packages, and ability to make on-time deliveries.

What is the Best Way to Ship for a Small Business?

There is no one-size-fits-all shipping solution for all businesses. Just like every business is unique, it also would require a shipping company and strategy that aligns with your niche, target market, and business goals.

Automating the shipping process can actually save you on shipping costs. Needless to say, the marketing mumbo jumbo might not work in your branding efforts if you lose credibility in shipping products to your customers. More than just giving your brand a digital overhaul or footprint, it’s the best practice in shipping that will move the needle further for your business.

For businesses with physical goods or products, shipping is really a vital aspect of your small business. This can be very time- and cost-intensive if you wish to play jack-of-all-trades with this one. 

In fact, if you decide not to delegate this process, it could eat up a sizeable part of your time and money.  Shipping fuels your small business in such a way that perfecting this would actually guarantee you a loyal and growing customer base.

Treat Your Carrier as a Business Partner

Just like working in a team, you have to build trust and rapport with your chosen shipping company or carrier. These carriers have in-house business experts who can help you decide on the best shipping modalities to fit your market and business requirements. These specialists can help you get the most out of the partnership by keeping the costs low and matching professional and efficient shipping services to meet your customer demands and needs.

Collaborating with your carrier will help you manage the costs and expedite the shipping process. Working as a team or partner will certainly give you the best of both worlds. This is how you take your business to the next level without breaking the bank.

Consider Consolidation

Yes, it’s a great idea to consolidate. This is how you save on costs when shipping orders to customers. Freight consolidation is really cost-efficient especially if your package or shipment can share space with other bigger shipments. You get to cut costs this way.

Keep Track of the Shipping Speed, Visibility, and Efficiency

Your chosen carrier represents your small business. This is why you have to be very extra cautious and picky when deciding on your primary shipping company. The delivery of packages should be up to standards or there are no delays, delivery and pick-up are always on time, and no damages are incurred in the packages.

You can’t afford to lose face and face complaints or numerous refunds so you have to be on top of the shipping process. Make sure to assess the shipping dynamics and ensure that deliveries are right on schedule and that customers are satisfied with the outcome. 

Don’t just go for low costs on shipping but more on the quality and efficiency of your carrier’s shipping services. If your carrier repeatedly fails in the shipping process then maybe it’s time to check other shipping companies out there.

Recycle Packaging

The environment would definitely thank you in folds when you consider recycling or reusing boxes or packages. This will not just save you money but also safeguard mother earth which is like hitting two birds with one stone. Running your business in adjacent to eco-friendly purposes is what social responsibility is all about.

Focus on Keeping the Weight and Size to a Minimum

Being aware of the dimensional weight will help you get better and cheaper shipping deals. The rule here is to keep your packages as small and lightweight as possible to get the best rates. This allows you to save not just on shipping fees but also on the costs of packaging materials.

Save More by Buying in Bulk

Buying in bulk would definitely save you on costs over the long run. It is recommended to buy shipping supplies or materials like tape, boxes, envelopes, ink, bubble wraps, and labels in bulk as you need this on a long-term basis. In this way, you enjoy discounts or savings of up to 30%.

Shipping is said to wrap up everything in your small business. It’s definitely a make or break deal for you so you really have to make this on-point every single time. After you the buying process or transaction, the final stage seals the deal. 

The above shipping tips and tricks will definitely help you get your customers involved in the shipping decision and process. Ultimately, you would want happy and satisfied customers that will speak volumes of how your business efficiently processes and delivers orders.

Your customers should always be in focus and the center of your transactions. Keeping your customers happy will ensure longevity in the industry. Consistency has always made it on top of every business’ priority list – and the shipping tempo should definitely follow a regular, organized, transparent, and predictable pattern to keep your customers coming back to your business doorstep.



Posted Date: 2020-04-24


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