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Save Money On Shipping - Tips To Get You Started

Ecommerce, Selling Online, Online Sales, E-CommerceThere are ways to save costs on shipping especially if you are operating on a bootstrap budget. The internet has provided doors of opportunities for every aspiring or budding entrepreneur to make it big in the marketplace. Ecommerce is said to be your best bet to success as an entrepreneur and it’s really easy to get started at very minimal costs.

While having your business online would commensurate to lower overhead costs, the shipping costs could vary depending on the goods you ship and the destination point of deliveries.

Well, with technology and automation backing your business, you can definitely make smarter choices now when it comes to how you allocate business funds and strategies you can use to reduce shipping costs. No business is too small to think small – that is how you get to cut on your costs without really feeling that pinch.

Managing the costs of shipping is often overlooked by both big and small companies. However, these little details on shipping can really save you money over the long haul.

Find the Best Shipping Partners or Carriers

In order to scale your business, you must be selective with your partners. You have to find the best shipping or fulfillment partners that are equipped to do the job. You have to reach out to the professionals in the industry which can save you time and money while you are growing your business.

A reputable shipment partner can be your best ally in ensuring customer shipping expectations are met and errors are eliminated at all times. This would be very beneficial to your business especially if you are just starting out and learning the ropes.

Go for USPS Pricing

If you are looking for convenience and reliability, then using USPS or Commercial Plus shipping is the best way to cut on shipping costs. Why so? Well, because the calculations on shipping costs are based on volume and not the weight of your package.

This is a great advantage especially if you are shipping heavy items because it would determine costs depending on volume and not on weight. Going First Class shipping is also recommended if you have lightweight packages or orders that would weigh at around 400g or less.

Customize Your Packaging

You might think that customizing packaging could be costly than just going for the standard or ready-made ones. However, custom sizing can actually do wonders for your business and cut costs on your shipping dilemma. This could be just a one-time investment (where you get to spend more in customizing boxes) but it can save you more in the long run.

More so, customizing packaging can actually help you eliminate extra costs for an oversized box or increased risk of damages on products because of the wrong box size. You also get to avoid returns and refunds along the way with a one-time investment on custom packaging.

It Pays to Buy in Bulk!

Buying in bulk might not make sense especially if you are just starting out in the entrepreneurial game but it can actually help you save more money in the long run. You can reduce shipping costs by buying packing supplies in large quantities. Also, buying in bulk ultimately gives you the power to negotiate for a lower price which cuts down business costs in general.

Bend (Without Breaking) Shipping Schedules

You can set aside a shipping date monthly by doing slower shipping. With this strategy, you can still promote fast shipping while saving up on costs. How? Well, you ship the packages earlier even before your customers are billed so they get their orders fast and you also cut back on shipping costs.

The only disadvantage with this method is if some customers decide to cancel orders. However, when you get to calculate on your spending, you can see that this would pay off over the long haul.

Anyone can practically cut some extra or rough edges in the business with a few smart and calculated moves. The unnecessary costs can pull your business down but there are wise investments that you can take on which could serve as leverage for your brand to take off. Shaving a few bucks on shipping costs can actually turn to more money that can fuel your business goals.



Posted Date: 2020-04-24


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