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Introducing The Benefits Of Walmart Plus

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Modern economic theories revolve around digital retail, and Amazon has been the undisputed champion of eCommerce for several years, particularly due to the Amazon Prime service. Prime is an annual subscription that offers fast, free shipping on an incredible selection of items, as well as access to the Amazon Prime Video streaming service and Prime Gaming for all members.

Hoping to compete with Amazon Prime on the eCommerce and home delivery fronts, Walmart has launched a similar program called Walmart Plus. Walmart has been an inarguable economic powerhouse as a brick-and-mortar retailer in the United States. Still, its online shopping experience has paled in comparison to the Amazon platform and the value of the Amazon Prime subscription.

What You Need to Know About Walmart Plus


Walmart Plus launched on September 15th, 2020, with an annual subscription fee of $98, or a little over $8 per month.

Walmart is flexing its biggest competitive advantage: a network of stores so vast that 90% of Americans live within 10 miles of one. Walmart is able to use those stores as a warehouse network, pushing products closer to consumers to accelerate deliveries and reduce fulfillment costs.

Walmart Plus Benefits

Walmart Plus today includes free, unlimited same-day deliveries on groceries. Check out the benefits included with a Walmart Plus membership:

  • 15-day free trial
  • Two pricing plans: $12.95/month or $98/year
  • Free unlimited delivery across 160,000 items (including gadgets, gift items, and more) for orders $35 and up, whether the purchase is made in-store or online
  • Discounted fuel prices (save 5 cents per gallon) at Walmart and Murphy gas stations
  • A new scan-and-go service that allows members to bypass the checkout lines at Walmart stores and enjoy a contact-free experience
  • Rumored to come soon: prescription discounts at Walmart pharmacies

Free Same-Day Home Delivery

They offer same-day delivery for many items available from more than half of its 4,700 retail stores. This service aims to compete with the free two-day shipping offered by Amazon Prime by leveraging the physical presence of all Walmart retail locations throughout the country.

Instant Checkout

Enjoy instant checkout from physical Walmart locations without having to wait in line. Much like the proposed “register-free” experiences offered at Amazon’s physical locations, the Walmart Plus subscription service allows members to complete purchases at brick-and-mortar Walmart stores digitally, with no need to wait for a cashier to check out.

Amazon and Walmart Competition = More Choices

Is there some sort of competition going on here? Well, this is but a friendly competition that provides more benefits for consumers or shoppers worldwide.

Amazon has already established a commanding lead in the online retail and home delivery markets and officially surpassed Walmart as the world’s biggest retailer in 2019. The launch of the Walmart Plus shopping membership is an attempt to regain lost ground and offer existing customers better, faster experiences with Walmart.

This new service as the “ultimate life hack” especially for shoppers who love to flock to online shopping sites and want the convenience, security, and speed of Amazon and Walmart

Whenever retailers compete, customers tend to benefit the most from their competition. Walmart Plus aims to steal market share from Amazon, and it has the resources and infrastructure on the ground to pull it off if it’s executed well.

Winning Streak - Walmart's Omnipresence

American shoppers will have the ability to complete Walmart purchases as easily as they buy from Amazon. However, the omnipresence of Walmart’s physical locations in the U.S. will mean much faster shipping.

Ultimately, consumers will have even more choice when it comes to how they purchase the items they use every day when Walmart Plus launches. Pretty soon, product marketers that have focused on the Amazon platform will need to readjust their efforts to account for the Walmart Plus membership base, which is expected to grow rapidly.

Posted Date: 2020-10-25


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