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How to Use Your Visa Debit Card for Online Shopping

Are you one of those who feel so upset for being charged with fees on your credit card when ordering or buying stuff in the mall? Do you even know that you can use your debit card to order items, products, and groceries online? Unfortunately, many people do not know about it. Or, do you? You see, it is not only convenient and pocket-friendly to use but is also easy!

Do you want to know how using a Visa debit card can work wonders for your shopping adventures? Then, read on.

What is a Debit Card?

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Debit cards are tools used by which money may be withdrawn from a bank account. The cardholders usually use debit cards to pay the cost of their purchases online or in physical retail stores.

It’s wise to note that debit cards are different from credit cards. Debit cards are money from your checking account or money from your pocket. It has a daily spending limit. In contrast, credit cards are money that you borrow from a company. It has a monthly credit limit.

How Do Debit Cards Work?

Debit cards are convenient to users. It allows you to spend your money without a check or receipt.

•       You can pay your purchases using a debit card.

•       If you need cash, you can use your debit card at an ATM bank.

If you use a debit card to pay purchases, the money is immediately deducted from your checking account. 

How to Use a Visa Debit Card Online

It is easy to use a debit card online. A Visa debit card can be used online on any Canadian, American, or other international merchants that accept Visa Debit.

Are you interested to know the process? You have to choose Visa at checkout, follow the instructions, and give the needed information such as your debit card number, security code, expiry date at the point of sale, and others.

Also, you can use your Visa debit card to pay online mobile transactions, such as streaming media, downloading songs and apps, and even paying taxes and phone bills online.

However, as credit cards have a credit limit, you also must know that debit cards have a daily spending limit. So, you will be limited in making big online purchases. If you either want to increase or decrease your spending limit, you may contact and ask your bank company.

Make Your Debit Cards Safe

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It is necessary to keep your debit card safe while making transactions online. To ensure that your debit card is secure, you must purchase from trusted and reputable merchant stores only. Are they known or famous stores? If yes, then be comfortable that your debit account is safe.

Suppose you are not comfortable or familiar with the store. In that case, you can research the company, or you may ask your acquaintances, your relative, or friends if they know that particular business or not. In that way, you will be able to tell if they are legitimate and not scammers. Or, if you are still uncomfortable with that store, you may look for another store that has the same product that they sell and that you think is, of course, safer.

Moreover, make sure that you do not save your debit card information with merchant stores questionably.  If you give your debit card information to a particular company or store, you may encounter a data breach. In addition, many big companies have been victimized by hacking activity. So, never save your debit card information with merchant servers to keep it safe.

In addition, a frequent check on your saving account and account statements is another way of making sure that your debit account is safe. In this way, you will know if something is going wrong with your account.

Lastly, setting a daily spending limit on your debit card is one way to protect yourself from being scammed entirely. If scammers access your debit card, they will be limited in using it.

Ways To Secure Online Shopping

•       Use a computer that is protected with a firewall, antivirus, and antispyware software when shopping online.

•       Always check if the site you are buying from is secured and encrypted. Upon checking out, the website link should start with HTTPS, not HTTP. Key, lock, or certificate displays show that the site you are buying from is safe and encrypted.

•       Make sure that the site has complete contact information. Avoid buying from sites that have no contact information. For a legitimacy check, get in touch with the company through email and wait until the company responds. Make sure also that you know who you are transacting with. Never email a personal account as much as possible. Do not easily buy a product unless you have proved yourself, through researching, that the store is legitimate.

•Do thorough research. Read online reviews about the company. Then, search all the information you need, including policies, warranties, liabilities, and guarantees. You also have to explore its privacy policy to know how they will use your personal information.

•       Be particular with hidden fees like shipping and restocking fees. They might cost a more significant amount than the amount of product you will buy from their store.

•       Avoid saving your personal information, especially your credit card information, on sites that are not encrypted and secured.

•       It is advised for you to use cards exclusively for online shopping only. In case it gets lost or taken away by a thief, only one account is being compromised. Hence, your loss is not that much.

•       To make sure that you are dealing with a trusted company, be keen on spelling and grammar errors. Never complete any transaction with spammers or phishing spams.

•       Prefer your judgments. If you think the site is untrusted, do not buy a product from that store.

•       Always keep or save a receipt for all your online transactions.

•       Do not wait for the mailing statement of your account. Instead, monitor it online, as much as possible, from time to time, for you to be aware that your account is being used for unauthorized purchases.

Your Debit Card Is Protected

How protected is a Visa Debit Card from fraud? Debit Cards have several protections so that your money will be safe. These include a zero-liability fraud policy, which allows the cardholder to ensure protection from fraud or any unauthorized purchases transacted online, internationally, without being consented to by the owner or the cardholder.

Let us consider credit cards, for instance. If your credit card is used by frauds or any unauthorized persons for purchasing, you may not be required to pay for it when proved. However, if you feel something malicious on your credit card, ask for help from the proper authority so that you will soon be issuing a credit card replacement.

Know Your Card Terms

As a rightful credit card holder, it is necessary for you to know the policy, terms, and regulations about your credit card. Just as you use it properly, you have to make sure that you know its terms.

For instance, you have to know how many monthly debit transactions you are allowed to spend or be aware of your daily debit spending limit to avoid charge fees or additional fees.

You must know all the terms of your account, like online protections and fraud, before or when you use your debit card. Be vigilant in using your debit card.

Simple Online Paying Cash

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As most people do, paying cash is preferred more than paying through a debit card for some reason. One of which is to avoid appraisal debts or interest charges.

Well, most people are not aware that they can use debit cards for making online purchases which is considerably more convenient.

What are you planning to order an item from an online trusted site at the moment? A book, denim, or shoes? Why not purchase it online and try using your debit card?

Best Shopping Experience Using Visa Debit Card


You will feel the best shopping experience when you use your Visa Debit Card. Most online stores around the globe already accept Visa Debit cards for making payments.

Aside from its reliability, it is simple, convenient, and safe. This means that Visa ensures cardholders will not be held liable for fraud. The best thing is, it is your own money that you are using so you have the control of spending it.

You do not need to go to stores to buy some items that you need. You may now make an order while sitting in your most comfortable chair at home using your own money on your debit card.

Be updated with the new trends, new styles, and designs of denim, and order good-reads books online! Indeed, you will find SALES and bargains from online stores. Have a fun experience shopping online!


Posted Date: 2021-11-15


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