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3 Tips For Old Navy Online Shopping

If you are leaning towards stylish clothing for less, then Old Navy should be your go-to brand. Old Navy is a place for fashion-forward clothing and accessories that are gorgeous to the T!

Since Old Navy has been shoppers-friendly over the years, we want to arm you with some tips that will help you save money when shopping at Old Navy

To help you get the most out of your Old Navy online shopping experience, check out our shopping tips:

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Plan When to Shop

  • When to Shop?

Weekday mornings and during lunch breaks are the best times to shop at Old Navy stores. However, other days can be a hot mess.

  • Timing is Key

Typically, the best time to shop at Old Navy stores is every second week of the month. Why? Because new and fresh items mostly arrive in stores. New merchandise for women will come in a week, then men’s, kids’, and baby stuff come next.

Know What Stuff to Buy

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  • Consider Sizes

It would be best if you considered what size of the clothes you will buy from a store. There are many stocks in stores, but some items can only be found at You will find Old Navy’s extra sizes for both women and men. Maternity, petite, and tall sizes are also some of the offerings of the Old Navy.

  • Check on Product Quality

Admittedly, some items at Old Navy items are not so good when it comes down to quality. For example, at Old Navy, you should avoid buying shoes, jersey knit dresses, and handbags, for they are mostly not meant for long-term use (because there are times after every wash, the item would look worn-out or old). But, Old Navy’s items of excellent quality and worth the buck are jeans, tank tops, and other workout wears.

  • Buy Items for Family Members


Shop for all members of the family. From short tees to rocks style shirts, all these are available at the Old Navy store. All sizes and all colors of the rainbow, including the aged customers, are also available. So, when you shop for clothes for your family, Old Navy is a top choice, for sure!

Hacks to Snag Cheaper Items

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  • Take advantage of Promos!

Old Navy offers different customer-friendly promos. For example, it usually changes its prices to lower prices every Friday morning to gain massive promotions.

So, you can buy jeans for as low as $20 or around 40% off shaved from the original price!

Also, to get discounts on your purchase, you have to sign up for their email newsletters in-store. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to know what other promos they may give to their most valued customers.

For frequent shoppers, when you buy in their stores, you will be given a coupon good for future purchases. So, you have to remember where you keep those coupons after receiving them.

  • Scour Clearance Racks

Some call it fast fashion for some reason. But, expectedly, merchandise turnover has always racked in every last season or even in the previous month. As a result, markdown prices may get steep.

  • Use Old Navy Super Cash

Old Navy Super Cash is a rewards program offered to stores and online customers. It is designed to make the customers loyal to the store. Customers can earn their Super Cash by shopping at the Old Navy.

Once they earn more considerable savings, that is the time that they can use their Super Cash savings during their redemption period. You shop and earn coupons for your Super Cash savings; then, you redeem for another chance of shopping trip.

Old Navy Super Cash: How Does It Work?

In Stores & Online!

Every time you spend $25 at Old Navy, you earn a $10 Super Cash reward. Every transaction consists of one coupon. In-store, you will receive a paper coupon. In online shopping, you will receive digital coupons sent via email within 24 hours.

Either online or in-store, Super Cash can be used interchangeably. Old Navy Super Cash is only suitable for Old Navy and cannot be changed with another coupon.

Throughout the year, Old Navy has a Super Cash period. You may check on your Old Navy Super Cash coupons page for you to know the current promos. You may also sign up with Old Navy so you will get alerts and updates from them.

Old Navy Super Cash: How to Earn?

As stated previously, you can earn the Old Navy Super Cash when you shop during their Old Navy Super Cash periods—earned periods last until four weeks multiple times per year. Both in-store and online customers are entitled to earn these points. However, in-store customers have a greater chance to make regular and double periods.

Earning Regular Period of In-Store Customers

During a regular period, you can only earn up to $30 Super Cash. The more amount you spend, the more you make. To earn $10 Super Cash, you have to pay at least $25 up to $49.99. Or, if you wish to rate more of your Super Cash, you spend a little more.

If you want to earn $20 Super Cash, you must spend $50 up to $74.99. If you spend more than $75, you will earn up to $30 Super Cash. And by the way, $30 is the maximum Super Cash that you can make.

Earning Double Period of In-Store Customers

You will earn a double amount of Super Cash during a double earn period, depending on the amount you spend. Yes, as the title itself, you will earn double Super Cash.

For instance, if you spend between $25 and $49.99, you will earn $20 Super Cash. If your purchases reach between $50 and $74.99, you will earn $40 Super Cash. And if your buys exceed $74.99, you will earn $60, which is the maximum Super Cash you can make during the double earn period.

Earn Period of Online Customers

Online customers can also earn Super Cash during the earning period. But unlike the in-store customers, they have a pretty different earn reward ratio. If you want to earn $10 Super Cash, you have to spend $2 up to $49.99.

If you want to earn $20 Super Cash, you have to spend $50 up to $74.99. Then, $75 up to $99.99 spent will make you earn $30. For purchases of $100 up to $124.99, you will earn $40 Super Cash. And if your buys exceed more than $124.99, you will get $50 Super Cash, which is the maximum Super Cash that online customers may receive during the earning period.

Old Navy Super Cash: How to Redeem?

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You have to be aware that Super Cash expires. So, make sure that you will use your Super Cash when you can. Super Cash can be used during spending periods.

Like regular expenditure parameters for making money, there are regulations for Super Cash redemption. These include the following:

                  Amount Spent                                Super Cash Redemption

                $25 up to $49.99                                               $10

                $50 up to $74.99                                               $20

                $75 up to $99.99                                               $30

                $100 up to $124.99                                           $40

                $125 up to $149.99                                           $50

                $150 or more                                                     $60 (maximum)

The Code of Old Navy Super Cash

For you to be able to use your Super Cash, secure your code that is found on your paper coupon (for in-store customers) or in your email/app (for online customers). This code is essential when using or redeeming the Super Cash. It will be entered when checking out, which will be automatically deducted whatever the value of your Super Cash.

Can I Stack My Old Navy Super Cash with Other Coupons?

Of course not. You shall never stack and leave your Super Cash with other coupons. Super Cash is not to be combined with any other coupons, especially if it offers a different discount from other companies. Unless you are ab Gap Inc. credit cardholder, you can redeem your reward certificates even up to three times.

Can You Make a Transaction to Gap Using Your Old Navy Super Cash?

Unfortunately, Old Navy Super Cash cannot be used to Gap. It is designed for Old Navy stores and online. Also, it cannot be used in Old Navy clearance centers. Gap has its program of earning, which is only be used for the company itself.

If You Make a Return, What Will Happen to Your Old Navy Super Cash?

If you return your Super Cash, you can only get back the money you spent since the Super Cash is just a coupon and has no money value. Once you return the Super Cash, you will never get the reward coupon back.

Old Navy Super Cash Vs. Navyist Rewards

Old Navy Super Cash and Navyist Rewards are quite different. TheNavyist Rewards program is offered to those who are members and have created the account. A Navyist member can earn one point for every $1 spent at Gap. So, for every 100 points, a member will be rewarded points across the Gap brand’s merchandise. Indeed, Navyist members have even more benefits and rewards.

While Super Cash is a program that does not require becoming a member, it can only be earned according to specific earning periods of the year.

Shop Now at Old Navy!

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Knowing these tips on how you can shop wisely at Old Navy, you can get so much more from your hard-earned money. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning for that trip to your favorite store!


Posted Date: 2021-11-15


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